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All Roof Types EXCEPT Shingle or Built-Up Gravel (BURG) Roofs. We can apply the Cool Roof Silicone Roof Restoration Coating System to: Metal, Single-Ply (TPO, EPDM, Hypalon), Modifieds/BUR, SPUF. A BURG roof must have 1” SPF installed prior to coating. We cannot coat a shingle roof because the shingle curls in the later life cycle breaking the waterproof seal.

Yes, many roofs require additional repair. In these cases, we install Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) “CRICKETS” to direct water to specific scuppers to facilitate proper drainage, level filled ponding areas and apply SPF to the base flashing, penetrations, roof-to-wall transitions, etc. (typical leak sources)

ALL ROOF SUBSTRATES: CONCRETE, WOOD, METAL Plus ALL EXISTING ROOF TYPES (METAL, SINGLE-PLY (TPO, EPDM, HYPALON), MODIFIEDS/BUR, BUILT-UP GRAVEL (BURG), SPRAY FOAM (SPUF). A significant advantage of installing an SPF Roof System is that we install a ‘true tapered’ roof system so the roof drains properly.

Virtually FOREVER! Silicone is made from the same raw material as glass (Silica) and is a UV stable product meaning that it does not degrade with exposure to the sun and elements. That’s why you don’t have to replace the glass in your car and home every ten or fifteen years. This UV stable characteristic translates into a supremely durable, long-term Waterproof Roof Coating System AND it can simply be cleaned and re-coated INDEFINITELY. Silicone is the only product that we see performing long-term in the field.

A Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roof System is widely considered to be the ONLY sustainable roof system on the market.

As long as the SPF remains protected from Ultraviolet radiation, it will last forever. This means that the SPF Roof System will virtually last forever with periodic re-coats of the UV protective silicone coating – which costs a fraction of re-roofing. This is the last roof you will ever install on your building. Simply Re-Coat. SPF with a Silicone protective coating is the only roof system that we sell and the only roof system that we see performing long-term in the field.

Cool Roof performs installations on millions of square feet of roofs annually across the entire United States.

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