The COOL ROOF Silicone Roof Restoration Coating System -vs- Typical Roof System


The good news is that you don’t have to replace your roof. SIMPLY RESTORE IT.


  • STOP ROOF LEAKS TODAY. Guaranteed NO LEAK Warranty.
  • Cools the Inside of Your Building. Bright white SILICONE reflects the sun’s energy and significantly cools the interior space of your building.
  • Never Re-Roof Again. Permanently waterproofs your existing roof.
  • Eliminates Costly Tear-Offs and Tear-Off Disruption.
  • A Fraction the Cost of Re-Roofing. In most instances 1/3 the cost of Re-Roofing. This is BIG news.
  • Doesn’t dry out, crack or degrade over time. Silicone will be silicone in 50 years. Ask about the 50 year warranty. SILICONE DOESN'T DEGRADE IN U.V.
  • Totally Seamless, Self-Flashing & PERMANENT Waterproofing Roof Coating System. DID YOU KNOW? Almost all roof systems have leak failures at the seams and around the flashings. Now you know.
    • 10, 15 & 20 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Indefinitely Renewable Warranty. 'Life-of-the-Building' Roof Coating System. This is the only roof coating system on the market with a ‘renewable’ warranty. Simply recoat the Silicone at the end of the warranty and you can 'RENEW' the warranty indefinitely in this manner
    • Covers ALL Material AND Labor. Watch out! This is an area where property owners get left ‘holding the bag’ when they accept a contractor labor warranty and manufacturer material warranty. We see it every day. Be smart and protect yourself. Contractor warranties are worthless if the contractor goes out of business
    • Silicone is Guaranteed IN WRITING to Perform in Ponding Water Conditions (All other coating product ‘exclude’ ponding water AND THEY ALL FAIL IN PONDING WATER - This is a big problem)
    • No-Dollar-Limit (NDL). Regardless of future labor & material costs, the manufacturer will pay 100% labor & materials to resolve a warranty issue
    • No Annual Maintenance Contract Required (recommended but not required)
    • Non-Prorated (if you reach the 19th year and have a total system failure, the warranty pays 100% labor & materials to replace your coating system)
  • Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) Certified
  • Versatile — Conforms to all roof shape
  • Proven in the Field for Over 40 Years
  • All Roof Surfaces from built-up to metal buildings (Note: built-up gravel roofs require 1” spf prior to coating, SHINGLES CAN NOT BE COATED)
  • Potential Tax Advantages of Roof Coatings

Cool Roof fully intends to be your contractor of choice on your roof project.  We are THE largest Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) and Coatings contractor in the State of Florida and one of the largest in the United States and we buy our materials in truckload quantities direct from the manufacturer. With our tremendous direct buying power, we price every job extremely competitively and we expect our prices will beat every competitor in the market, HOWEVER, if you happen to find a lower price, we are committed to delivering the same scope of work, same product, same warranty as your lowest competitive bid by a 1% price reduction – that’s money in your pocket.  WE SIMPLY WON'T BE UNDERSOLD!   Our philosophy is that we just won’t let money get in the way of you contracting THE BEST Spray Foam and Coatings contractor with a perfect A+ BBB rating and great on-line reviews. Note: The Cool Roof owner runs all aspects of production so you have an owner/operator running your job with a vested interest in doing the job right.

Cool Roof consistently delivers the best price combined with the best long-term, no-leak manufacturer warranty on the market …
at a substantial savings over re-roofing. 

  • Extend the roof life indefinitely – simply recoat the silicone indefinitely and never re-roof again. This ‘Life-of-the-Building’ Roof Restoration Coating System carries an indefinitely renewably, no-leak warranty. All other roof system warranties expire and then you re-roof.  Once you've done your homework, you will see that this is clearly the best warranty on the market today.  I advise my clients to let the warranty lapse at the end of the warranty term and only recoat when the silicone needs to be recoated since the silicone product will perform well past the warranty period. When you do recoat, the warranty is ‘renewed’ so you don’t lose anything by letting the warranty lapse.
  • This bright white, Silicone Roof Restoration Coating System reflects 88% of the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere thereby greatly reducing the heat absorption effect occurring on dark color roofs. The inside building temperature will be significantly lower translating into noticeably lower energy bills and occupant comfort.
  • Silicone is an excellent waterproofing system and highly effective at long-term sealing a roof and preventing leaks. Since silicone is a U.V. stable product, it does not ‘burn off’ layer by layer each year as compared to acrylic, urethane and all other coatings.
  • Silicone is the only product on the market that does not fail under ponding water conditions – which most flat roofs have to varying degrees. Silicone is the only product on the market ‘guaranteed’ to perform under ponding water conditions. All other coatings fail (delaminate) when subjected to ponding water. Notice the ponding water ‘exclusion’ on all other product warranties.

We know the task of deciding on the right roof system and the right roofing contractor can be daunting and that you rely on professionals to help you make informed decisions.  We’re here to help you.

The typically warranty on most roof systems is ten (10) years. After ten years, the roof begins to exhibit progressive signs of failure; Cracks form, the protective granule is released, seams split open, leaks - all tell-tale signs that the roofing material is at the end of its useful, service life expectancy. Once a roof reaches this threshold in age, it requires exponential maintenance attention (dollars) to keep the roof system waterproof from this point forward. Most of our clients patch and patch until they learn about Silicone Roof Restoration Coatings. They realize the considerable money that was spent patching (delaying the inevitable) could have gone into a long-term solution such as Cool Roof Silicone Roof Restoration Coating System.

So, the good news is that you don’t have to replace your roof. SIMPLY RESTORE IT.

The Cool Roof Silicone Roof Restoration Coating System is a LIFE-OF-THE-BUILDING Roof Coating System with an INDEFINITELY RENEWABLE WARRANTY from the Manufacturer. This is an extremely cost effective and long-term solution. Simply recoat the Silicone topcoat at the end of the warranty period and the bullet-proof, no-leak warranty will continue and you can renew the warranty in this manner indefinitely at a FRACTION of the cost of re-roofing.  All other roof system warranties expire and then you re-roof.  Once you've done your homework, you will see that this is clearly the best option and best warranty on the market today.  It provides you with the highest level of protection since this full-system manufacturer warranty covers ALL MATERIALS AND LABOR.

Additionally, our Cool Roof bright white Silicone Roof Restoration Coating System will bounce 88% of the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere thereby greatly reducing the heat absorption effect that is currently occurring on your roof which translates DIRECTLY into energy cost savings.

Silicone - Additional Information

We always try to help educate our prospective clients and strive to be an accurate information source. If we get that part right, we stand a chance of being chosen as your contractor. We are in the field every day and see the good, bad and ugly truth about every type of roof system and every type of coating system on the market and how each system performs over the long run. Silicone features & benefits towers above all other coating products on the market.

SILICONE is used to seal aquariums (silicone performs totally submerged underwater), water tanks and other high moisture content areas such as bathtub caulking, etc.  AND Silicone doesn't degrade in the Ultraviolet (UV) like acrylics, urethanes and all other coating products.  So, if you are a medium to long-term position holder on your building, use SILICONE.  It's the only product that lasts in the field. Silicone is the only product that Cool Roof will sell for the simple reason that it is the only product that performs over the long run and call backs take the profit out of jobs.

There are three basic classes of 'Elastomeric' coatings ...  Acrylic, Urethane and Silicone.   Acrylic is paint - pigment and a binder. Urethanes are much stronger than Acrylic and require less frequent recoating than Acrylic, however, both Acrylic and Urethane DO NOT PERFORM UNDER PONDING WATER CONDITIONS (which most all roofs have to varying degrees) and both degrade significantly in UV.

Silicone is the right decision. Once you've done your homework, you will see that it's the only decision.  If there were a product better than Silicone (higher or lower priced), rest assured we would present that product as an option.  

Take your time and gather information from professionals in the field of waterproofing and you will quickly see the pattern emerge that Silicone is the only product to consider for your roof.

Potential Tax Advantages of Roof Coatings

Debates as to the best way to fix a given roof are what give the roofing industry its vitality. All too often, however, such discussions are limited to roofing technology and total cost. Little attention is given to the total cost after taxes. When the tax ramifications of the various specifications under consideration are taken into account, a strong argument arises on behalf of preventive maintenance options.

Under the Internal Revenue Code, expenditures for the repair of business property are deductible expenses that may be written off in the current tax year. Conversely, expenditures that constitute capital improvements must be amortized over the life of the property and are recoverable only through annual depreciation deductions. Both scenarios provide for deductions, but the difference is the period of time over which the deductions are spread. Current expenses are 100 percent recovered in the current tax year whereas capital expenses for roof replacement, as an example, are recovered over several years. Current expense or capital improvement?

Not all roofing projects will receive equal tax treatment. How the work is performed will dictate whether the cost can be written off in the current year or must be capitalized. Determining this point is not always clear, but the Supreme Court in Welch v. Helvering has offered the following guideline: A repair is an expenditure for the purpose of keeping the property in an ordinarily efficient operating condition. It does not add to the value of the property. It merely keeps the property in an operating condition over its probable useful life for the uses for which it was acquired. Expenditures for that purpose are distinguishable from those for replacement that can prolong the life of the property and increase its value. The one is a maintenance charge, while the others are additions to capital investment which should not be applied against current earnings. As a result, when a contractor has torn off and replaced the old roof, the building owner must capitalize the expense. On the other hand, where the contractor has patched leaks or performed other preventive maintenance applications, the cost is clearly a current expense.

Many roofing projects go well beyond mere patchwork but stop short of tearing off and replacing the old roof. There are many products that have a preventive maintenance quality. They are designed not only to repair existing leaks but also to prevent the occurrence of additional leaks. Examples include, but are not limited to, asphalt based coatings and elastomeric coatings. These products would not serve as a complete roofing system but all go beyond merely patching the existing roof. Should the owner treat preventive maintenance costs as a capital expenditure or a current expense?

Going back to the Supreme Courts guideline, the answer to the question lies in whether such costs increase the value of the property or extend its useful life. In 1967, the Tax Court addressed this issue in the Oberman Manufacturing Co. case. Oberman had taken as a current expense a $20,791 expenditure on their plant roof. The IRS had taken the position that the cost should have been capitalized. In ruling in favor of Oberman, the court found that their only purpose in having the work done was to prevent leaks. The court further emphasized that there was no replacement of the roof and that this was the most economical way to repair the leaks and keep the property in an ordinarily efficient operating condition. As to whether the expenditure increased the value of the property, the court acknowledged that the property is more valuable once the roof is repaired but the proper test is whether the expenditure materially enhanced the value, use, and life expectancy as compared with the status of the asset prior to the condition necessitating the expenditure.

Where the owner selects a preventive maintenance process, it would be proper for him to treat such an expenditure as a current expense. His sole purpose is to stop the leakage and return his building to a watertight condition. The useful life or value of the building has not been materially enhanced. The old roof has not been replaced or substituted for with new insulation and roofing.

Consult with your tax advisor

Treating preventive roof maintenance as a current expense is an aggressive tax position that might well be questioned by the IRS in the event of an audit. Nonetheless, the position is legally strong and ought to prevail. Once made aware of the tax advantages, the building owner's attitude will change drastically. Rather than bemoaning the fact that the owner is confronted with a large and unexpected expenditure, he'll see that his roofing work will serve not only as a rain shelter but as a tax shelter as well.

*Building Trades Journal, 1984, Professional Roofing Magazine, 2003

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